multi-channel video projection, 14 min 31 sec, looping

Digitus is a multi-channel video projection, each channel playing stochastic loops of gesturing hands. Digitus explores recognizable or generic forms and actions that demonstrate repetition or a variety of permutations within the digital landscape of moving images. The results rendered produce a destabilization in the meaning of the multiple sequential shots. The obvious meaning in a single gesture unravels into far more diffuse possibilities before reforming into new meanings never deliberately envisioned.

Digitus is a response to Structuralist film theory and how moving images convey meaning through the use of codes and conventions. The Kuleshov effect describes how viewers derive more meaning from the interaction of two sequential shots rather than from a single shot in isolation. Digitus sources media that displays these codes and conventions, and then places them within a new order of sequential shots. Through this process, I undermine the sequence’s original meaning and build a facade of fake sequences, disrupting the digital content from its conventional viewing methods.